2008 MasterCraft Boats

MasterCraft Company Profile
Founded: 1968
Employees: 560
Headquarters: Vonore, TN
Total MasterCraft boats made for ’07: 3,700
MasterCraft Models for ’08: 21 (plus Saltwater Series)

MasterCraft Mission Statement**
Deliver the ultimate water sports experience with the world’s highest quality, best performing sports luxury boats in every significant inboard niche.

****MasterCraft Virtual Test Drives**
MasterCraft X-Star
MasterCraft X-1
MasterCraft X-2
MasterCraft X-15
MasterCraft X-45
MasterCraft X-80
MasterCraft Maristar 200 SS
MasterCraft MasterCraft Maristar 215
MasterCraft Maristar 245
MasterCraft Maristar 280 SS
MasterCraft CSX 220


*Also available:
MasterCraft CSX 265
MasterCraft MariStar 230
MasterCraft X-7
MasterCraft X-14
MasterCraft X-30

MasterCraft Boats
100 Cherokee Cove
Vonore, TN 37885