Supra Launch 24 SSV Gravity

Heading into 2007, this Launch 24SSV will be fresh off towing the pro men at December's Gravity Games H2O in Australia. It's a big-time event, which makes this a big-time boat. Supra already loads up the standard features, so the amount packed on this boat is insane. The sponsor graphics are obvious, but it even has subtle touches like an LED light ring and 18-inch wheels on the trailer, plus a very cool dash. You can tell the Supra guys had a lot of fun thinking, "OK, how else can we pimp out this boat?"

HULL: Supra designed this 24-footer for people who want to take as many friends and family members as possible out on the water. That's why the length and width are as extreme as a Supra gets. Same thing with the deadrise, meaning this 24SSV can smash through choppy conditions of bigger water as well as it handles double-ups. It still has the drop-keel of the smaller Supras to carve out tons of water and throw up big wakes.

BALLAST: We'd be exaggerating if we said the standard ballast added up to one ton. It's actually 50 pounds short of that at a still nuts 1,950 pounds. Most of that is in the huge bow bag. Overall it makes this boat ready for a pro contest right off the showroom floor.

TOWER: This is the same Rad-a-Cage tower as on other Supras, except that it's maxed out with every conceivable add-on. Check out the special anodized swivel board racks, the Z5 cargo rack that swings down and the light bar.

WAKE SHAPER: Maybe the pros don't need this new Smart Plate, because they have the best drivers in the world. But even your mom will seem pretty frickin' good when the Smart Plate is customized for you. You input your name, your speed settings, and at what mph and what setting you want the wake plate to deploy. From then on, Mom just needs to punch in your name, touch the throttle and you're all set.

SEATING: Supra loves to stash as many convertible seats as possible into the lounge, calling it Triple-Up Seating. No. 1--the flip-up seat back in the bow walk-through. No. 2--the passenger-side bench that becomes a chaise lounge. No. 3--the rear bench that slides out to face the show.

This boat strives to make wakes as big as possible for pro-level performance. Yet they're still sculpted and have a good, balanced transition that's just rampy enough. There's a solid kick for big air. Newer riders will want to go easy on the ballast and Smart Plate.

BALLAST: 1,950 LB.