Supra Launch 22SSV

December 14, 2006

All new for 2007, the Launch 22SSV is back in the Supra spotlight. Engineers and pro riders spent long hours at the Tennessee factory and at the lake on this revamped hull. Supra doesn’t believe in computer-assisted design, so the changes were all based on real-world feel. Another landmark change is the new Smart Plate, integrating PerfectPass to make driving as easy as ever. Could be a big year for this 22.

HULL: There’s more deadrise so the wakes can be rampier, and the strakes were modified to lessen the lift so as not to fight the ballast. Typical of Supras, this Launch 22SSV has a drop-keel design that means the boat plows into the lake more to displace as much water as possible, which leads to bigger wakes. The 750 extra pounds that this model has over its predecessor is a big help in doing that too.

BALLAST: Supra piles on a huge amount of ballast–1,450 pounds. Yes, that’s standard. It’s all in bags: two in the rear trunks, one in the bow. The advantage over under-floor tanks is that it preserves the flotation of the hull while making it easy to switch out the bags if you want. For ’07, the bags are bigger and longer.


TOWER: The tried-and-true Rad-a-Cage design is standard with swivel racks.

WAKE SHAPER: Big news here. The hydraulic adjustable wake plate is now called the Smart Plate. After three years of work, Supra made it so you can personalize your PerfectPass speed setting and wake plate deployment, and when you want the plate to engage. This is amazing.

SEATING: Supra is known for having playpen seating in the bow and plenty of rear-facing options. The Launch 22SSV stays true to that. Behind the driver’s seat is a permanent mini-bench pointing toward the water. Plus there are flip-up seat backs on the passenger side and in the bow walk-through.


The peak is a touch on the steeper side, but the transition is a lot longer than the old 22 SSV. With factory ballast the landing zones are long and soft. Double-ups are nice and clean. Use the wake plate to further tweak the wake to your liking.

BALLAST: 1,450 LB.


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