Supra Launch 21V

December 14, 2006

Riders should check out this model if they’re looking for a V-drive that’s easy to handle, easy to trailer, easy to store, yet still big on performance. The Launch 21V keeps all the Supra luxury amenities and plush feel, just in a 21-foot package.

HULL: Supra engineers are big fans of the drop-keel design. Look at it from the side when it’s off the water. The dramatic knifelike plunge in the front tapers upward toward the back. It helps the 21V dig into the water and plow through it, creating bigger displacement for increased wake size.

BALLAST: This boat may be on the small end of Supra’s lineup, but it still packs on 1,450 pounds of standard ballast. All that weight gets pumped into bags, which were revamped this year to be longer and look better.


TOWER: Why mess with the solid Rad-a-Cage tower? It’s a classic look with no give side to side. The swivel racks are standard.

WAKE SHAPER: The new Smart Plate is going to make a lot of people happy in 2007. It takes no brains or skill to drive the boat now. Input your name, what speed you want the wake plate to drop down at, what setting you want it at, and what final mph you want. The software that ties in PerfectPass with the engine and the plate does all the rest.

SEATING: Yes, there’s a playpen bow here. And yes, as Supra likes to do, there’s a lot of convertible seating so people can face the action on the water. The rear bench slides out, and there’s a flip-up seat back in the bow walk-through. The new driver’s seat is bigger, better and curvier.


If you don’t use the Smart Plate at all to dial in your preference, these wakes can be a little steeper than the norm. A real sweet spot is at 60 to 65 feet of rope, where the peaks and transitions work for almost anyone.

BALLAST: 1,450 LB.


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