Ski Supreme V232

Phone: 510.651.8400

Call this the supreme Supreme. The V232 is entering its second year of production as the king of this hill. Nothing else from this brand is as big and bad. The idea is to carve out a huge interior for 12 people, more storage than you’ll know what to do with, and a ride that’ll stay smooth even across a big lake. Supreme covers the basics and then some, with the wraparound lounge, the built-in cooler, the hand-stitched dash, the flip-up bolster and the cross-curve windshield. Don’t think you can afford the Sky package of tower, ballast and what-not? Have a garage sale, take out a second mortgage, whatever you have to do. It’s that much of a must-have. And while you’re at it, get the stainless-steel upgrade package with rub rail, cup holders and racing-style steering wheel.

Hull: Supreme is a custom California brand, so you know you’re getting personal attention with a hand-laid fiberglass hull and the option for custom gelcoat graphics. Supreme feels so good about its hull construction that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The design allows it to plane surprisingly fast and turn well.


Ballast: The Sky package means you’ll get two rear tanks that can pump in up to 360 pounds of water weight each. If you need more, there’s an optional 280-pound forward tank. By our math, that’s an even half-ton to add onto the two tons of the boat itself.

Tower: Again, that Sky package is key because it provides a Swoop tower. Go heavy-duty with the Godzilla optional tower.

Wake shaper: The adjustable trim plate is great for the driver who wants to change the running attitude to get on plane and for the rider who wants to alter the wakes.


Seating: There’s no substitute for size. The V232 doesn’t really have any tricks with its interior configuration, just big cushy seating throughout the cockpit and spilling into the open bow.

Get progressive ramps and mellow lips from this big boat when it’s loaded with the 1,000 pounds of factory ballast. To really generate more displacement, you aspiring pros will want more weight.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.*