Ski Supreme V212

Phone: 510.651.8400

To come up with this all-new boat for 2007, the Supreme crew obviously did a lot of thinking. They looked at their line and took what makes the V208 such a great performer at a compact size. Then they looked at the V232 and how that boat rocks with some styling amenities, including a custom dash, stainless-steel vents and cross-curve windshield. The result of that thought is the V212, a nimble V-drive with a lot of flash. And with every Supreme model, we beg you to spring for the Sky package to get all the features–and the stereo and bolster seat–you need to ride.

Hull: This stays true to the Supreme construction of all-fiberglass stringer and floor system. The hand-laid hull has a lifetime warranty and is unitized with the deck. The running surface sports the biggest change. Supreme did a lot of testing on it and brought in the help of local California riders to figure out how to make a faster-cruising boat that could slice through rough water. The V212 is the answer, and lots of riders will be eager to put it to the test this year.


Ballast: With the essential Sky package, you get two under-floor rear ballast tanks as well as the opportunity for a front ballast option.

Tower: Get the Sky package and you get the Swoop tower. If you need something really heavy-duty, Supreme offers the Godzilla tower as an option. Racks and tower mirror mount are also available.

Wake shaper: The driver can work the adjustable trim plate to fine-tune the peaks and ramp angles just the way a rider likes ’em.


Seating: Yes, it has the angled observer’s seat, the lounge that encircles the main interior with storage tucked under it, and a bow filler cushion. But it also has a cool passenger seat back behind the driver’s seat, making for a rear-facing lounger.

The shape of these wakes aims to be very accessible to many levels of rider, with wake-to-wake moves very doable thanks to the boat’s 95-inch beam. Dial in specific shapes with the use of the trim tab.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.