Sanger V230

Phone: 559-485-2842

Sanger proves it can go big with the V230. This is the top-of-the-line model, almost 23 feet long and with a beam that’s close to the 8-foot-6 maximum for trailerable boats. The size makes it great for riders with a lot of friends and family to get on board. It’s also good if you ride on a bigger lake. This V230 is built to take rough conditions like a champ.

Hull: A lot of riders don’t want a ski boat posing as a wakeboard boat. No problems here. This hull has a deep-V design with a 16-degree deadrise at the transom, so it’s going to dig into the water for bigger wakes, and it’ll get through double-ups without blinking. Also gotta mention here that Sanger still uses wood-core composite stringers as the heart of its hull, as it’s done for most of its 50-plus-year history. Hand-laminated fiberglass sheeted in throughout makes this look like just any other boat, but the solid structure and vibration-dampening that the Aqua Beam wood provides means this isn’t like other boats.


Ballast: Like other Sangers, the V230 can come decked out in the Wake Series of upgrades. Package 1 includes front ballast, while Package 2 has front and dual rear ballast. Plus, you can fill each tank individually in less than three minutes.

Tower: Solid design here. The tubes are thick and rounded, ready to accommodate racks, speakers, lights, whatever. Get the tower as a regular option or when you opt for the Wake Series.

Wake shaper: The Bennett hydraulic wake plate is adjustable from the cockpit for on-the-fly wake tweaking.


Seating: A large interior is no surprise on a boat of this size. But what you just don’t find is a design like the rear bench that has four molded-in seat backs, looking both stylish and usable. The angle of the observer’s seat means whoever’s sitting there can talk both with the driver and with everybody else hanging out in the wraparound lounge.

Most riders are either intermediate or beginner, so these wakes offer plenty to play on with the factory ballast sinking the deep-V hull. Transitions are smooth and landing zones are especially big. Throw on more ballast and advanced riders will start smiling.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.*