Sanger V215

December 14, 2006

Phone: 559-485-2842

The V215 has been a star for Sanger since its debut in 2004. The reasons why are numerous. First, there’s the 96-inch beam, which makes its interior much more spacious and comfortable than on your average 21-footer. Then there’s the Wake Series package of upgrades, including the Wake Series V graphic, front ballast and a solid tower, that make this already multitalented ride even more versatile. Throw in the rider-friendly wakes, whose snappy peaks make launching and landing a cinch, and it’s little wonder that this ride is such an on-the-water idol.

HULL: While the spacious interior makes this feel like a much bigger boat, the V215 has all the agile performance of a 21-footer. The V-bottom works with lifting strakes for a smooth and nimble ride, and we’ve always been amazed by how well this boat performs in hairpin turns. The unique hull is made from 100 percent hand-laminated sheet glass and Aqua Beam nonrotting wood-core composite stringers. This traditional process is more expensive and labor intensive, but Sanger feels the extra time and cost are worth it because of the solid ride it produces.


BALLAST: Advanced riders will want to step up to the Wake Series II triple-tank ballast system, which distributes 1,000 pounds among the bow tank and two rear tanks, ensuring your riders extra bootage.

TOWER: Beefy, with billet aluminum accents and optional board racks. In short, a perfect place to get your pull.

WAKE SHAPER: Opt for the Bennett wake plate and tune the size and shape of your wake.


SEATING: That 96-inch beam stretches the interior for maximum room, but it’s the V215’s innovative seating that takes comfort to the highest level. The wraparound lounge, which covers nearly the entire perimeter of the boat’s midsection, is a huge reason why this 21-footer can hold up to 12 people, and the rear-facing seat behind the driver is the type of touch that only riders would think of.

Steeper wakes but without an overwhelming peak. Intermediate riders will enjoy the great pop and wake size supported by the integrated ballast system. Advanced riders will enjoy loading this boat down more for maximum wake size and bigger moves.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.*


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