Moomba Mobius XLV

December 14, 2006

This is the biggest, most pro-worthy Moomba available. Still, somehow, the manufacturer suggests a retail price of only $42,595. As with any Moomba, that’s a solid deal for what you get. In this case, you get a boat that has seen action at the Gravity Games, towing the women’s wakeboarding event. And it can load up 16 people. Best of all, it includes a good wakeboarding package and an excellent engine, a 325-horsepower EFI from Indmar.

HULL: Maybe you think this is a budget hull because it’s a budget boat. No way. It’s very cool to see a Moomba engineer’s eyes light up as he explains why the front section has such a drastic drop keel, why the sides are cut out, why there’s not much in the way of lifting strakes in the rear. This boat sinks deep, displacing the most water of any Moomba. That means it throws out and sculpts the best wakes in the company’s lineup.

BALLAST: Start with the 650-pound center bag that comes standard. If that’s enough, you’re good to go. If you need more, there’s always the upgrade to the 1,150-pound bow bag and the two 400-pound rear bags. Have you done the math? It’s 1,950 pounds total.


TOWER: Solid, dependable Rad-a-Cage.

WAKE SHAPER: If you’re really into tuning wakes (and if you’re getting the XLV, you probably are), opt for the wake plate.

SEATING: Plenty of rear-facing seating here, like the chaise behind the driver’s seat and other flip-up seat backs. And this year Moomba went the extra mile to really spruce up the interior with more curves, more depth, more style–and stainless-steel grab handles and cup holders. It’s easy to forget this is a value boat.


Very solid here, just as you’d expect from a tournament-worthy model like the XLV. Little trough, little wash. Big table, big peak. With the size of the boat, the depth of the hull, the capacity of the ballast, you can go as big as you dare.

BALLAST: 1,950 LB.


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