Moomba Mobius LSV

Moomba is looking to give you everything you want with this boat, from a full wakeboarding package to just enough plush amenities to let you taste the high life. Yet the engineers sweated every detail to hold the price to just under $37,000. After all, that’s what Moomba is all about–getting people into an inboard knowing their life won’t be the same. The ’07 Mobius LSV has evolved to offer more ballast, more stainless-steel hardware, a plusher interior and an EFI 325-horsepower engine standard. Yeah, that $37,000 is looking like even more of a steal, isn’t it?

HULL: Moomba may skimp on chrome accents, but it spares little expense on hull design. This hull was revamped only a couple years ago with a drop keel that sinks the boat into the water enough to churn up large wakes. While the hull isn’t the biggest, it still manages to spread out for enough space to get 13 people on board.

BALLAST: OK, so the company spots you one 400-pound ballast bag for the bow. That’ll do for a lot of riders. But if you want to raise it, you can. The rear bags were extended this year, so they can hold up to 400 pounds each on either side of the engine. And unlike tanks, when they’re empty, they basically disappear, so you have room for storage.


TOWER: The Rad-a-Cage tower gets the job done. Like this Mobius LSV itself, it’s just flashy enough without going crazy.

WAKE SHAPER: The optional plate works with the hull to adjust the nature of the wakes.

SEATING: Anyone who’s seen a Moomba before will immediately notice that the driver’s seat is all new and the overall contours are curvier. Harder to see is that the upholstery thread is now made from a Gore-Tex material that promises enhanced durability.


In bang for the buck, these wakes may be one of the best values anywhere. They’re a touch steep and plenty meaty. The air potential is great even when the boat isn’t fully loaded, so flying into the flats isn’t a problem.

BALLAST: 1,200 LB.