MB Sports F23 Tomcat

MB Sports owner Mike Brendel leaned on his diverse background in boat design when he went to work on the all-new F23, melding features from his days on the boat-racing circuit with his already proven wake designs. This eclectic approach is most obvious in the new two-pronged bow, which not only expands the bow to accommodate up to four people but also enhances the running surface. The end result is a boat that's truly unique in every aspect--from the graphics to the tower to the swim step.

HULL: The new quick-to-plane Wake Plane hull is as aptly named a feature as we've encountered. The extended hull combines with the new two-prong bow to trap air at the front of the boat, increasing speed as well as improving the running surface for more efficient turns. But a quick hole shot isn't the only thing the Wake Plane was designed for--this is a wake boat, after all. The keel and rocker pattern are engineered to max out wake performance, giving advanced riders the perfect platform for success.

BALLAST: MB has never skimped on ballast, and it didn't waver from that trend on the Tomcat. The pair of standard rear ballast tanks, which run the length of the boat for perfect balance, hold a total of 2,400 pounds, second only in size to the massive TripleUp system in the B52 V3. And thanks to rocker switches located within easy reach of the driver, they're a snap to fill and empty.

TOWER: This is about as custom as it gets. In fact, this all-new design is available only on the Tomcat. And just like the boat it's attached to, you won't see the likes of this tower anywhere else.

What really stands out about the wake is its ability to give riders of all abilities a nice, controlled pop.

BALLAST: 2,400 LB.