MB Sports B52 V

With an updated ballast system, which jacks the water weight from an already heady 1,600 pounds to an even stouter 1,800 pounds, the B52 V has the wake performance to match its newly redesigned, edgy style and graphics. Sloped seat backs and billet touches make the interior as soft and comfortable as the outside is hard. And an expanded cockpit (stretched by an extra 11 inches for 2007), makes a king of its driver.

HULL: MB's wake performance is further bolstered by its latest and greatest advance--the Extended Wake Plane hull, which features a keel pattern and a molded-in piece that helps the boat get out of the hole faster and with little line-interrupting bow rise. What's most impressive is that it manages to do all that even with the ridiculously large ballast tanks fully loaded. Here's what you get: a cleaner, more efficient wake with steeper ramps for advanced moves.

BALLAST: MB, the king of big ballast, went even bigger this year, increasing a standard ballast system that now adds up to 1,800 pounds to this already robust V-drive. The right and left ballast tanks each holds 100 gallons of wake-building water weight and they run the length of the boat, providing a balanced ride for even wakes and freeing up the deck for passengers and gear.

TOWER: Take your pick. The standard Skylon Swoop tower is made from frickin' aircraft aluminum tubing and sports billet aluminum racks with room for a total of four wakeboards. Or step up to the all-new Pro Series, which offers more headroom, so you'll never crack your dome again.

This boat's wake can help you increase your trick repertoire with a clearly defined lip that gives you that needed straight-up pop for spins and endless wake-to-wake sessions.

BALLAST: 1,800 LB.