MB Sports 230 V

Maybe it's the half-ton of factory ballast that makes the 230 V such a versatile wake-riding machine. Or perhaps it's the choice MB Sports gives you between two optional high-quality towers with board racks. Or it could be the customized fit and finish of the interior, which sports luxury features like contoured seating and the new billet MB logo emblem that make this boat so universal. Whatever it is, whether you're a water-sports family with a pack of young rippers or a dedicated rider searching for an engine for powerhouse sessions, the 230 V is worth a look.

HULL: We won't bore you here with a bunch of technical jargon about the hull of this wakeboarding V-drive. Nope, we'll just tell you what you need to know: The wakes kicked up by the fully weighted 230 V are huge, with progressive transitions and landing zones like airfields, so moves of the horizontal variety are optimized.

BALLAST: The standard twin-tank ballast system gives you 2,000 pounds of wake-generating weight, more than twice that of most boats. But MB didn't stop there. Just in case that half-ton isn't cutting it, you can upgrade to the optional Triple-Up system, which includes one 500-pound bow tank and two rear tanks that hold 800 pounds each. Either way, all that weight is distributed equally throughout the boat, so balanced wakes and handling are assured.

TOWER: You have the choice between the Skylon Swoop Tower, which features four-board aluminum board racks and a solid, stylish design, or MB's custom Pro Series tower, with racks for four boards and a convenient Bimini top to boot. Whichever you choose, you'll have a collapsible tower that makes this boat a cinch to tow or stow.

The 230 V produces gradual wake transitions and mellow landing zones. Opt for the Triple-Up ballast and enjoy the massive wake size you get without filling any extra ballast.

BALLAST: 2,000 LB.