MasterCraft X-45

The versatility of the X-45's hull and its 1,000 pounds of factory ballast make this boat a perfect pull for all forms of wake riding. It's also a cruising machine, with a two-prong bow that busts open the usual pointed-bow seating for a lounging area that's so big you've got to see it to believe it. But considering it is outfitted with the redesigned ZeroFlex tower and billet board racks, we wouldn't be surprised if you bought the X-45 on looks alone.

HULL: Just wait till you power through a double-up with the X-45's maxed-out 102-inch beam, which is stretched right to the trailerable limit. The boot is huge for the rider, and the super-wide hull and extra deadrise combine to keep the ride smooth and stable for everyone on board. That thick hull throws wakes that are big and broad, and intermediate to advanced riders will have no problem going wake to wake all afternoon.

BALLAST: The X-45's wake is geared toward more experienced riders, but beginners will benefit from experimenting with the placement of the 1,000 pounds of factory ballast. With a 300-pound center tank and two 350-pound rear tanks, you'll be able to tune the size and shape of the wake for most every rider in your crew.

TOWER: We've honestly never seen anything like the ZeroFlex. It's a design so unique that everyone on the lake will be gawking -- as if they weren't already. You, on the other hand, can focus completely on the action behind the boat because the ZeroFlex's heavy-duty construction is as solid as that of any tower around.

WAKE SHAPER: Mellow the wake for beginners or make that well-defined lip even more crisp for advanced riders.

The wake's a bit on the steeper side, especially toward the lippy peak. There is a little trough on shorter line lengths, just before the ramp, that disappears when you're riding out past 75 feet. Experienced riders will dig this setup, while beginners will need to experiment with the wake shaper to get dialed in.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.