Malibu Wakesetter VLX Silver Edition

The Wakesetter VLX has been around for a while, but trust us when we tell you this Silver Edition is like nothing you've ever seen before. To announce its 25th year in the industry with style, Malibu decked out its flagship wakeboarding boat with a customized gelcoat, stainless-steel emblems and metallic vinyl accents. So even when you're not churning up the pro-level wakes this boat is capable of, you're still bound to impress.

HULL: This Silver Edition features the same V25 Wake hull that's helped the VLX make a name for itself over the years by churning up pro-level swells with well-formed peaks and mellow transitions. The balanced design keeps it steady even through the toughest double-ups you can muster and pulling the biggest rider in your crew.

BALLAST: Right out of the box, the Wakesetter VLX SE is loaded with 900 pounds' worth of ballast tanks, including one in the center and two in the rear. Add on a bow tank for a grand total of 1,250 pounds of weight, and monitor all the tanks with the LCD gauge built into the dash.

TOWER: The standard Illusion X tower features a quick-pin release for easy breakdown, or opt for the Titan III with polished base plates and a built-in navigation light. Either tower can be outfitted with swing-away board racks.

WAKE SHAPER: When it's deployed, the VLX SE's standard Power Wedge can displace the equivalent of 400 to 1,200 pounds of water, for customizable wakes that will match almost every level.

Perfect ramps and mellow transitions best exemplify the wake performance of this pro ride. Even with the mellow tranny, riders will still feel a nice straight-up kick at the top of the wake. Play with the Power Wedge for multiple wake tweaks on the fly.