Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV

December 14, 2006

When Malibu introduced the Wakesetter 247 LSV last year, we knew it was going to make some noise. And now that it has already won Powerboat magazine’s Boat of the Year award, we’d say our predictions were right on. The 24-foot, 7-inch V-drive is zeroed in on what wakeboarding is all about–big wakes for huge moves and a big lounge for chilling between rides.

HULL: The Wakesetter 247 LSV is a 24-foot-plus, 4,000-pound V-drive, so wake size is pretty much a non-issue for this behemoth. But the V25 wake-oriented hull that it’s built on is still worth mentioning. Besides its contribution to producing the well-defined swells behind the 247 LSV, it also helps keep the boat balanced through tight turns and solid through the giant double-ups you’ll no doubt want to try.

BALLAST: The Malibu Launch System comes standard with 1,000 pounds of ballast in two rear tanks and one center tank. There’s also an optional bow tank, which increases the grand total to a whopping 1,400 pounds of additional weight.


TOWER: The standard Illusion X or the optional Titan III–either way this boat is ready for big-air moves. Swivel board racks are available on both towers.

WAKE SHAPER: Displace water for the equivalent of up to 1,200 pounds of additional ballast and tweak wake shape with Malibu’s adjustable hydrofoil, the Power Wedge. This year it’s made from all stainless steel with a uni-foil design.

Large ballast capacity means large wakes, and the Power Wedge equals versatility. This behemoth’s meaty wakes were surprisingly predictable for a boat its size, and the ability to adjust to more a mellow or steep profile is great for beginners through advanced riders.


BALLAST: 1,400 LB.


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