Gekko Revo 6.7

Sure, the aerospace styling is probably the first thing you’ll notice about the Gekko Revo 6.7. After all, this advanced V-drive just screams high performance. But the engineering touch you might be most appreciative of is the new SkyView driver’s seat, which was completely redesigned for 2007 with your full-body comfort in mind. Once you’ve sunk into that snug perch you’ll notice some other next-level touches, like the Gekko by Faria gauges, which come with a lifetime warranty, and race-inspired dash.

HULL: Talk about attention to detail. The hull of Gekko’s Revo series, which is short for revolution, was designed by aerospace engineers, who crafted this running surface in an entirely digital environment. The resulting high-tech hull is a marvel of modern science, with a symmetry that’s precise down to 1,000th of an inch, and the high freeboard, deep-keel design and wide 102-inch beam combine to provide handling that’s rock solid through rough water. Double-ups, consider yourselves warned.

BALLAST: Load up the twin 500-pound ballast tanks and the Revo pumps good-size, nicely shaped wakes suitable for everyone in your crew.


TOWER: While it’s solid in every regard (Gekko tested it to be the stoutest around), the best part of this tower are the things you can attach to it. Custom Gekko tower accessories like board racks that clamp down for confident board storage and tower speakers that pump up every session are worth every penny.

Beginner and intermediate riders will hop off the integrated rear boarding platform into a realm of wake bliss. The moderate stock wake size is punctuated by a nice wake shape that’s not too steep.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.


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