Centurion Typhoon C4

Out of the box the Typhoon C4 is like a blank slate awaiting your customized vision. It comes standard with the essentials–tower, ballast, wake plate–but it’s ready to be decked out in whatever upgrades, options and amenities will make it your dream wakeboarding machine.

Hull: This model is built on the same hull as its cousin, the Avalanche. But for this boat, the length is stretched out and a stepped-hull design increases its wakeboarding capabilities.

Ballast: This boat comes standard with a 225-pound center tank. But to maximize its wake-producing ability, add the two optional rear tanks. At 209 pounds each, they up the total ballast capacity to 643 pounds and give the Typhoon C4 awesome potential to churn up some huge wakes.


Tower: The swooping brushed aluminum tower that comes standard on the Typhoon C4 is just what you need to launch some big-air moves. But if you want a different styling edge, opt for Centurion’s Tribal tower, which combines the same solid pull with a beefier look, or the Evolution tower.

Wake shaper: There’s more to producing wakes than just loading a boat up with ballast tanks, and Centurion knows this. That’s why all of its models, including the Typhoon C4, come standard with an adjustable plate that you can tweak to displace more water and fine-tune the shape and size of your wakes. The optional Switchblade, which is controllable from the helm, makes it even easier to make those adjustments.

Seating: Centurion likes to call this model the “stretch limo” of its line. Step on board and you’ll realize why. The wraparound lounge and open bow max out the comfort with wide benches and lots of elbow room, and this year the helm takes it to a new level. The optional Matrix driver’s seat features swivel controls, a heater and a raised back, so you can still recline comfortably even with the bolster cushion flipped up.


“We’ve been using the Typhoon at the Orlando Wakeboard Academy for the past few months and the things that stand out in my mind about this boat are the large, solid wakes, its smooth ride and terrific performance.”–Sean O’Brien, Centurion team rider