Calabria Cal Air Pro V-2

This boat basically has all the wake-specific features of Calabria's original Pro V, but in a much smaller, more manageable package. This 20-foot, 6-inch wake ride is equipped with a full wraparound lounge, PureVert ballast, Cal Air tower and nimble maneuverability. Riders looking for a smaller wakeboarding model with a customized look and feel that's easier to tow and store should absolutely plan on test-driving and riding the Pro V-2 before their next purchase.

HULL: Engineers at Calabria have integrated a layer of 4 mm CoreMat around the whole boat, not only where the hull has contact with the water. Calabria utilizes this mat for increased hull strength and hull density. You can feel it in the solid ride when you're driving through wind chop or even those big double-ups. Solid construction combined with strategically positioned fuel and ballast tanks keep this boat running level with minimal bow rise.

BALLAST: Calabria's ballast system is pure genius. The patented PureVert Wake System is integrated into the hull design. It fills in less than a minute and empties even faster--without the use of pumps. Gates open on the transom and water simply floods the two ballast tanks with 700 pounds of water weight.

TOWER: The Pro V-2's Cal Air tower has a stylish swooped-back look and is solidly constructed completely of stainless steel. It folds down in less than 30 seconds by removing to the bolts for easy storage. Tug away--this tower isn't going anywhere.

Beginner and intermediate riders can look forward to the rampy wake shape perfect for landing those first few moves. Advanced riders will probably want additional ballast to take full advantage of the sculpted water walls. Wakeboarders of every skill level will appreciate the PureVert's lightning-quick fill and empty times.