Centurion Air Warrior — Eclipse V-Drive

May 15, 2001

Length: 20 ft. 9 in.

Beam 93 in.

Fuel Capacity: 34 Gal.


Seating Capacity: 10

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WBM: Who should buy this boat?


Centurion: This is a compromise boat. It is more aimed toward the wakeboarder because it is a V-drive, V-bottom boat that really throws a significant wake. It’s not overly wide, so it penetrates the water pretty well. On one hand it’s a purist’s boat because of the way it handles and because of the wakes, but we are really aiming for the family who wants to wakeboard. Its primary function is a wakeboarding, but we were surprised that it has a reasonable slalom wake with an empty ballast configuration.

What are some advantages of this boat?

This is a little more economical than the Elite V-drive. It’s a little sportier, not as big, and a little more of a hot rod. It has good storage because the whole back seat opens into a giant continuous storage area. This boat has continuous ICS construction. In addition to the structural advantages, it allows you to have removable carpets because you get a really nice gelcoat surface underneath. The benefits from removable carpet are obvious in that they can be removed when you are going to have a lot of traffic in the boat or they can be removed for cleaning. When it comes to selling your boat in a few years, you can put the clean or unused carpet back in and the boat looks new.


What features stand out on this boat?

Everything in the boat from the cupholders to the seats is tooled in. The step-through bow configuration is unique. We have new graphics, changed fabrics and gauges on the dashboard. We have a gauge that shows how full the ballast is. The seat cushions are designed to be comfortable for long rides — we use a foam firm enough to hold up for years and years. The driver has an air lumbar support, which is great for rough-water cruising.

What’s the best reason to buy this boat?


We sell value. We try to design a boat that is fairly simple to build. They may look complex, but because of the ICS system it’s a refined process. We spent a lot of money and effort on the tooling process and try to transmit the value to the customer and make the boat a great value. We don’t spend tons of money on marketing. Summary: Simply put, this is one of the most versatile boats in the water-ski market. Its modest 40-gallon ballast system allows the boat to make a significant transition from slalom-friendly wakes to something serious riders will enjoy. With a few more people or extra fat sacs, this boat comes close to providing a world-class wakeboard wake. This V-drive has excellent visibility and there’s no bow rise, so you’ll never lose the horizon, even when weighted. Beyond that, this may be the best-handling V-drive out there. The boat is so remarkably responsive you forget you’re in a V-drive. A steal at under $35,000, the manufacturer calls this boat a design compromise, doing everything well, but in reality it goes beyond that. It has no compromises. It’s a tremendous wakeboarding boat and an unbeatable V-drive slalom machine. Its only shortcomings would be that there isn’t as much seating as in many other V-drives.

Chill Factor

WBM: This is a great boat to drive but only average for hanging out. The rear sundeck is angled in three planes, so it’s not a good sun pad. The bow only has a forward seating bench, and there is no wraparound seating in the main cockpit. One great aspect is you can keep this boat looking showroom sweet because the carpet pulls out. There is tons of storage under the passenger seat because of the deeper floor.****

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