Blake Bishop – Home

Shortly after the Yardsale event at Valdosta, Georgia, Slingshot caught up with Blake at his home park, the B Town Compound, for a session with close friends James Windsor and Daniel Grant, and had some seriously entertaining conversations along the way.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to spend a day in the life of Blake Bishop? Just after the Yardsale we sent Steffen Vollert up to Atlanta to spend a few days in the world of Blake and friends James Windsor / Daniel Grant as they head out for a session at the B Town Compound.

Blake, what’s a typical day at home in Atlanta for you?
Blake Bishop: Wake up, make coffee, water my plants, find some Chick-fil-A breakfast, then go to the compound and shred till dead, then hang with the boys in the evening after I’ve fed my ducks.


Are you still in school and what are your plans beyond wakeboarding?
No, I’m not in school. I stopped going in 10th grade because I felt like I was wasting my life sitting in a classroom all day everyday. My plans (in the case that my wakeboard career doesn’t work) are to just start wake surfing. Haha.

After this season, you don’t really need to worry about that because everything went pretty well for you. What was your highlight this year?
I couldn’t be more stoked about where I’m at with my wakeboarding right now. I’m constantly feeling like I’m progressing and that’s what keeps me going. I love learning new tricks and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My highlight for this year would probably be winning best trick last weekend at California Wakepark Open, and also making the finals in Munich Mash and Plastic Playgrounds.

Speaking of Munich Mash… How did Europe/ Germany treat you?
It was such a great time. I always love traveling to Europe for contests and seeing everyone. The scene there is truly like no other…There are so many cable parks that are constantly growing and bringing in new features plus more riders than ever live there and are wanting to push the sport.


Do you plan to ride more contests next year?
Yes, I plan on doing more contests next year. I’ve been having a really good time seeing the world through traveling and being able to ride with new people everywhere.

At our shoot at B-Town you didn’t really have an answer to my question, what you didn’t like about contests and about the wakeboard scene in general. Now a few weeks have passed and you have had the chance to think about this topic a little bit more. So… what should change and why?
What I don’t like about contests is when people judge that shouldn’t be judging. If you can’t tell the difference between switch and regular, please don’t judge wakeboarding.

You have a pretty sweet second home at VWC. Do you spend a lot of time there and can we expect any cool content from there soon? Any video projects in the works?
Yes! I will have a part in The Coalition sequel, and yes I spend a lot of time there when I’m home. During the winter I have an RV on the property so it makes it really easy to go spend time with the Space Mobbers and never want to leave.


You said you started wakeboarding only a few years ago…since then you’ve achieved quite a lot. Which have been the most exciting milestones for you?
Dropping my video with Cole Vanthof “Untamed” has to be the most exciting so far.

Who was your role model when you started wakeboarding and who is it today?
James Windsor, Quinn Silvernale, Daniel Grant, Dom Hernler, Terry Bailey, Alex Graydon. These guys SLAY it.

Is your dad still wakeboarding? Any new tricks? What about your brother? Do you push each other to learn new stuff?
Haha my dad landed a backmobe the other day – that was pretty crazy. And yea, I make my brother try stuff all the time and push him to learn new things and ride switch more. He’s coming up quick, which is rad to see!