Best Wakeboard Boots of 2016

It’s long been said that the closer to your body a piece of gear is, the more important it is. This is especially true when it comes to your wakeboard ­setup. Your feet are what dictate the movement of your board, and if the lines of communication between your feet and your board are broken due to ­improper fit, then even a pro rider can struggle with a trick that he’s had consistent for years. Don’t skimp out when it comes to your boots. Do some ­research. Find out what fits your foot the best, which closure system you prefer, and how much support you need, and buy some high-quality boots that you can call your own. Happy shopping!

Ronix One Boot

The crown jewel in the Ronix line WBM

For many, Danny Harf’s pro-model boot is the crown jewel in the Ronix line. What makes the One so popular? Is it the comfort provided by the Intuition ­liner? The balance between support and mobility? It seems to vary from rider to rider, but we’d guess it has something to do with all the features Ronix has packed into the One, like the internal Brainframe technology, the Feetbelts, and the baseless double-stuffed foot bed, to name just a few.

MSRP: $510


CWB Prizm

Features a removable inner liner with a thin yet durable sole. WBM

The Prizm is a unique boot in the CWB line. The internal disc-mounting system is ­located directly underfoot, giving your board more room to flex without being restricted by a wide base plate. The boot also features a removable inner liner with a thin yet durable sole, keeping your feet protected during your walk back to the starting dock.

MSRP: $400


Humanoid Wire

A low-cut, lightweight, and flexible boot. WBM

Do you like a low-cut, lightweight, flexible boot? Take a close look at the Humanoid Wire. It features the ­conven­ience of a Velcro upper and the ­security of a low lacing system. It also features a baseless chassis for a direct foot-to-board connection, and Smart Toof technology, which keeps your stance angles from changing on you even if your hardware gets loose.

MSRP: $330


Jobe Evo

Intriguing modular setup. WBM

The Evo Sneaker is the boot portion of the intriguing modular setup ­exclusively offered by Jobe. The skins, bindings and sneakers are all sold separately, with plenty of different colors to choose from. This allows Jobe to focus on making the Evo Sneaker as comfortable as possible while the binding and skin provide most of the support.

MSRP: $200


O’Brien Nomad

The most flexible boot in O’Brien’s line. WBM

The Nomad is the most flexible boot in O’Brien’s line, and consequently one of the most popular. The Nomad features a traditional dual-lace system with a lightweight chassis and a single-­panel upper to keep things simple. It also features a few extra luxuries, like ­Power Arch support to keep your foot from rolling ­inward, ­reducing stress on your knees.

MSRP: $360

Ronix Kinetic

Packed with technology to keep your foot secure and comfortable. WBM

The Kinetik boot is packed with technology to keep your foot secure and comfortable. This cable-oriented boot is ­engineered to flex inward easily, but ­remains more supportive and rigid on the outside to give you something ­extra to lean against when you lock into a press. The Kinetik also features Ronix’s internal Brainframe technology, a moldable Intuition liner, and much more.

MSRP: $530

Slingshot Rad

Customizable Velcro and lace combination. WBM

Slingshot’s Rad boot keeps getting better and better every year. For 2016, the Rad features a bottomless base plate for increased foot-to-board sensitivity, a redesigned heel hold-down system for a secure fit, redesigned form-fitting reflex liners, a more rigid base plate, a customizable Velcro and lace combination, and a hip new look.

MSRP: $449