Best Value Wakeboard Boats For Sale in 2016

When clicking through the 2016 Boat Buyers Guide, we all dream of ordering up one of the hottest new flagship wakeboard boats for sale, but sometimes we need to scale it down a bit. Still wanting to enjoy all that a wakeboard boat can give you, but making a commitment to the top-of-the-line boats will have to wait a year or two? Set your sights on one of the boats that fits into a price-conscious budget and review our list of the best value boats for wake.

Axis Boats best value

Axis A20

The Axis A20 was totally redesigned for 2016 to be even more surf friendly than before without sacrificing the features, performance and value that made this little boat a standout in previous iterations. The A20 is ideal for crews on small waterways who skew more toward the wakeboard and surf side of water sports. Full review >> WBM
Axis Boats best value

Axis A22

The boat that started it all for Axis, the A22 is back with some solid improvements for 2016. The A22 is the perfect size for the average family, and it throws pro-level wakeboard wakes with minimal set up. Full review >> WBM
Gekko value wakeboarding boats

Gekko Revo 6.7

Gekko’s Revo 6.7 is a versatile 22-footer with some unique features that comes in at a low asking price. Most importantly, the Revo 6.7 handles great straight from the factory. The Gekko team put a lot of time into developing a hull that would drive great and throw a solid wake for a variety of watersports. Full review >> WBM
HeyDay Boats best value

HeyDay WT-1

HeyDay’s first model to hit the market, the WT-1, is designed to be cost-effective. They eliminated unnecessary equipment that often becomes costly. The hull was intelligently crafted to throw a massive wake for both surfing and wakeboarding. Full review >> Robert Glover
MasterCraft Boats best value

MasterCraft NXT20

MasterCraft’s NXT20 is a value-class surf and wake churner that still fits in your garage. If you’re looking for a small but capable budget boat with luxury-class styling from a name that screams water sports, the NXT20 could be for you. Full review >> MasterCraft
Moomba Boats best value

Moomba Mojo

With a big redesign last year, you wouldn’t think there would be much new on the Mojo, but Moomba threw in some nuggets to keep buyers coming back for more. The Mojo is perfect for bigger crews who don’t want to pay a lot for a better wakeboard experience, recreational surfing and a finished interior. Full review >> WBM
Moomba Boats best value

Moomba Mondo

The Mondo is back for 2016, and it’s bringing some new additions to the table. The Mondo is for people who want big performance at a great value with a solid interior at a size suitable for garage storage and small waterways. Full review >> WBM
Tige Boats best value

Tigé R20

The smallest boat in the budget-friendly R Series, Tigé’s R20 puts function at a premium but keeps the price low by minimizing some of the luxury you’ll find on higher-end Tigé boats. Perfect for the no-nonsense buyer who is just looking to surf and ride a small boat that’s easy to trailer and store. Full review >> WBM
Tigé R21

Tigé R21

Tige’s R21 is a budget wonder boat with big functionality that’s way ahead of the pack on aesthetics. The R21 is for the recreational-plus crew that doesn’t want or need an in-depth touchscreen but still demands a great wake… Full Review >>> WBM
Supreme Boats best value

Supreme S211

The Supreme S211 is the smallest boat in the line, but this budget-friendly package still has a lot to offer in the way of surfing and aesthetics. If recreational surfing is your passion, and you don’t need a lot of technology to tweak your wave, consider the S211. Full review >> WBM
Supreme Boats best value

Supreme S238

The budget-friendly Supreme S238 is a first for the company, and it brings a few standout performance and interior features that are really going to impress you. This boat is great for the recreational first- or second-time buyer who wants more space but doesn’t want to pay for a lot of luxury features. Full review >> WBM

*For actual dollar figures, visit the boat company’s website.