The Best Big Wakeboard Boats of 2017

When it comes to picking your next vessel, how many friends and family you have is a good thing to keep in mind. Luckily, all the boats on this list will have little to no problem fitting you and a small baseball team along for a ride at the lake this summer. These boats are massive, delivering great wakes and waves and making sure you are comfortable and safe on the water. Check out the full list and make sure to click through to the reviews on each boat for more intel.

malibu boats

2017 Malibu 24 MXZ

Completely redesigned for 2017, Malibu took an already incredible boat and made some significant improvements to it. Created for the person who likes to bring along a large crew of friends and family and stay comfortable, this 24-footer has everything you could want out of a big wakeboat. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
supra boats

2017 Supra SE

At 24.5 feet and room for 18, the Supra SE actually feels like you’re driving a luxury liner down the lake. Other than the fact that you can fit your entire extended family in it if you want, even better is the way the SE handles and kicks out surf waves and great wakes. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
centurion boats

2017 Centurion Ri257

Everything is bigger on the Ri257. At over 25 feet in length with more than 6,000 pounds of dry weight, 92 gallons of fuel, 18 passengers and a staggering 5,550 pounds of factory ballast, it’s safe to say this is one of the beefiest inboards ever built. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
axis boats

2017 Axis A24

Being the largest of the boats in the Axis line, the A24 one has plenty of room for a bunch of people – 17 in fact. We weighted this boat down with stock ballast and simulated close to a full load of friends, and the wakes were unreal. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
nautique boats

2017 Super Air Nautique G25

The biggest boat in the line, the Super Air Nautique G25 is quickly trending as a fan favorite. Comfortably fitting 19 people, this boat is far and away one of the most luxurious boats we’ve been in, and it’s completely set up for the person who wants to have the most fun possible without sacrificing anything. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
tige boats

2017 Tige RZX3

The RZX3 is Tige’s new big boat. Wake potential is enormous right out of the box in this 23-foot, 6,000-pound beast. Throw in a full crew of 16 passengers, 65 gallons of fuel and 3,000 pounds of subfloor ballast and your surf wave will start to look like a small ocean swell. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
supreme boats

2017 Supreme S238

The biggest boat in the 2017 Supreme line has the most ballast, the biggest seating capacity, the most storage and, of course, the biggest wake potential. With 4,700 pounds of dry weight and maxed-out ballast at 2,700, you can look forward to sizable swells on the S238. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM
pavati boats

2017 Pavati AL-24

Storage is almost unfathomably deep in this 24’8″ aluminum beast – we fit three surfboards in a side compartment with no trouble. This is all possible because of the subfloor ballast, which weighs in at 4,200 pounds stock. Load the AL-24 up with your crew of 18, and get ready for a massive party on the water. SEE FULL REVIEW >> WBM