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Become a Certified Scuba Diver with NAUI

Becoming a scuba diver with NAUI Worldwide is easy.

Imagine seeing the bright colors and vibrant marine life on a coral reef or exploring a mysterious shipwreck. Only scuba diving can give you the unique thrill and serenity of blowing bubbles.

Becoming a scuba diver isn’t difficult, but it does require proper training. NAUI Worldwide offers a wide range of introductory courses from free diving and snorkeling to full scuba certification.

As the industry’s largest Not-For-Profit Certification agency, NAUI focuses its training on fully developing scuba divers. The Scuba Diver course trains divers through an expertly crafted combination of academics and in-water exercises that’ll prepare you for diving without direct supervision. At the heart of NAUI is the principle of ‘Dive Safety Through Education.’ NAUI integrates some form of rescue training into every level of certification, including entry-level courses. NAUI is committed to showing you the most fun you’ve ever had and making underwater explorers the safest yet.


With an extensive network of NAUI training facilities and educators around the world, there’s nothing to stop you now. Visit to begin your adventure today!


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