At the Helm

We give you the lowdown on helms from three different 2016 boat models, the Super Air Nautique G21, the Moomba Mondo, and the Tigé RZR.

Super Air Nautique G21

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Nautique‘s G21 is ultraresponsive because it uses the same underwater gear as the G23 and G25, but with this relatively small 21-foot hull, you’re getting even more effect. The Nautique Configurable Running Surface provides aft lift for fast hole shots, but plows the boat into the water at sport speeds for maximum displacement. The best part? Everything is automatic, so you never have to adjust it. We loved the hands-on dial that sits conveniently by the driver’s throttle hand, allowing you to manipulate primary operating and comfort functions without taking your eyes off the water. WBM

Moomba Mondo

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The Moomba Mondo got a helm upgrade for 2016 to highlight drivability, with a toggle switch on each side of the steering wheel to nudge the wake plate and speed. A comfortable but budget helm seat, good visibility and a smooth throttle are the hallmarks of the Mondo driving experience. At only 20.5 feet, the Mondo is as spry as a V-drive can get. Without question one of the best-looking value-class helms, the Mondo sports gauge hoods, a contoured steering wheel and one of the easiest speed controls out there. New for 2016, you can control the surf system from the dash. WBM

Tigé RZR

2016 Tigé Boats
Tigé‘s luxury 20-footer has all the top-tier driving­- assistance functions of the larger Tigés, but its small footprint makes it more maneuverable than the rest of the line. The bow curves down slightly, and the dash is low-profile for maximum visibility. Opt for the Z-Cline captain’s chair to get a bucket seat with armrests and even a reclining function in a plush high-end package. The dash itself has a touch screen backed up by analog gauges, and an oversize brow to shade everything from the glare of the midday sun. WBM