80 Feet Back: Tigé RZX2

tige boats
2017 Tigé RZX2
Rider: Bob Sichel
Bill Doster

The Tigé RZX2 isn’t just Tigé’s flagship boat for do-it-all versatility, it is also one of the most impressive and versatile boats in the game. Period. Not only can you wakeboard behind it at a ­variety of skill levels, but you can also create world-class wakesurf waves, and you can even slalom ski. Yes, slalom ski. We’re here to talk about how the RZX2 performs as a wakeboard boat though, and that’s what I’m going to tell you about.

With the stock tanks full, which is an impressive 3,000 pounds of ­subfloor ballast, and the extra plug-and-play at 75 percent, the wake reached pro levels (i.e., big enough for pros to do all their tricks). The wake is clean with plenty of kick. It can get a little steep with more weight, but that isn’t a bad thing if you know how to work your edges and edging technique. Plus, with the ease of the TAPS 3 system, the steepness and shape can be adjusted to your liking.

For the settings I rode at, the wake is solid with a lot of volume, so it doesn’t crumble as you edge up it. Drain the ballast and slow the boat down, and the RZX2 continues to show its versatility. The wake becomes much more mellow — a great wake for beginner and intermediate riders getting used to the water and catching air.


What’s also unique and cool about the RZX2 is that it is 22 feet. Most boats producing these kinds of wakes are 23 feet or bigger. Thanks to its hull design, ballast and integrated TAPS 3 system, the RZX2 can pack a lot of punch into a smaller bite.

tige boats
2017 Tigé RZX2 Bill Doster


Length: 22′
Beam: 102″
Dry weight: 5,600 lb.
Standard ballast: 2,700 lb.
Fuel: 65 gal.
Seats: 16


Speed: 22.8 mph
Rope length: 78′
TAPS 3: No. 2
Ballast: Stock tanks full, plug-and-play at 75 percent
Crew: Driver and spotter



Transition: Moderate to steep
Volume: High
Width: Average
Rideability: Beginner to expert