The MasterCraft X30: 80 Feet Back

Wakeboarding behind the MasterCraft X30

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Wakeboarding MasterCraft X30.

If you're a nomad like me when it comes to boats, you know that every wake is different. Even the same wake on the same boat with the same ballast settings can vary a bit day to day. This makes it tough when you are focused on progression. It's nice when the wake is a constant and not a variable when you're trying to sort out the mechanics of a new trick. There are some general consistency-favoring characteristics to look for in a wake. The most influential is the transition - or the shape of the face of the wake. A rampy transition that comes to a crisp, clean peak at the top is ideal for consistent pop with minimal variance.

The opposite of this would be a steep vertical face with some whitewash at the peak of the wake. While this steeper transition may offer a more abrupt kick at the wake, the tendency to be fickle increases. Something as simple as fuel levels, unbalanced passenger distribution or even just the wind can cause one side to wash out too much or become difficult to navigate through.

The MasterCraft X30's wake epitomizes the consistent, rampy, learning-conducive end of the spectrum. When I tested it, I was surprised by just how easy this wake was to edge through. It wasn't too round at the peak, either, which can be a pitfall of a rampy wake, depriving it of any kick at the top. The pop was consistent, easy to control and very easy to learn on. The transition was firm enough to boost out into the flats without being bogged down, and long enough to land wake to wake for a soft landing - ideal for the intermediate rider.

One of the best features of the MasterCraft X30's wake is its potential to grow with your ability. Since it starts out rampy with a crisp peak, the MasterCraft X30's wake has plenty of room to grow, steepening up a more aggressive kick at the top of the wake as it reaches capacity. You couldn't describe a more ideal transition to help an intermediate rider grow into an advanced rider. Well played, MasterCraft, well played.

MasterCraftX30 on water
MasterCraft Boats.
Boat Specs
Length 23 ft. 4 in.
Dry Weight 4,700 lb.
Factory Ballast 1000 lb. plus Gen2 (1,000 lb.)
Maximum Capacity 16 people/2,219 lb.
Rider Settings
Speed 22.8 mph
Rope Length 75 feet
Ballast Stock ballast and Gen2 ballast
Crew Driver and one observer
Wake Profile
Transition Rampy
Volume Moderate
Width Average
Rideability Beginner to Advanced