2021 Yamaha Boats

Yamaha Boat on the water

Yamaha’s Wake Series is designed for wakesurfing, and built for entertaining your family and friends. From the Connext touchscreen you can activate surf gate, fill the ballast tanks, set acceleration, select top-speed rider profiles and more. New DRiVE technology makes docking easy with its paddle controls on the wheel.

2021 Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide: Yamaha Reviews + Videos

Yamaha 255XD pulling a wakesurfer

2021 Yamaha 255XD

The 255XD is Yamaha’s most surf-capable boat yet and comes stacked with unique features to make it a well-rounded vessel.

Yamaha 212XD wakesurfing

2021 Yamaha 212XD

Although relatively small, this boat packs a big punch with tons of versatile seating, water sports capabilities and more.