2021 Centurion Boats

Centurion’s Opti-V hull design displaces more water, to form the world’s best waves quickly.

Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more sophisticated form. Centurion Boats has evolved the wake boat from one-dimensional function to intelligent multi-faceted performance that is multiplied by valuable features and options. The foundation of this wakeboat evolution begins with the 20 degrees of deadrise built into Centurion’s Opti-V Hull and a running surface specifically designed to produce the World’s best waves, wakes and ride. The Opti-V Hull was engineered to give you the deepest V in the industry, offering more water displacement for better wakes and waves. Centurion Boats additionally deliver as much as 5550 pounds of ballast, more than a 26-foot sweet surf spectrum, 90 seconds of fill time for as much as 2600 pounds of RAMFILL ballast, 1.8 second wave transfers with QuickSurf Pro and 6 seconds to plane even fully ballasted with QuickLaunch. The DNA of Centurion boats is further enhanced by strong construction, intelligent accommodations and a purpose-driven approach by which every new development is measured.

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