2019 Centurion Fi25
Garrett Cortese

2019 Centurion Fi25

The Fi25 made some of the biggest wakes and waves we tested this year.

As a sleek-looking 25-foot wakeboat, the Fi25 makes an immediate impact. And thanks to 5,550 pounds of available ballast plus Centurion’s new Opti-V hull, which utilizes 20 degress of deadrise at the transom to sit lower in the water, that impact carries over to the wakes and waves. Without a doubt, the Fi25 made some of the biggest we tested this year.

2019 Centurion Fi25
Length: 25'0" | Beam: 8'6" | Draft: 3'0" | Dry Weight: 5,850 lb. | Ballast: 5,050 lb. | Seat/Weight capacity: 17/2,550 lb. | Fuel Capacity: 89 gal.Garrett Cortese

For wakesurfing, fill all the ballast and activate the on-board QuickSurf Pro System, and you’ll be riding one of the most powerful wakesurf waves on the market, allowing you to ride farther back and move forward with ease. The QuickSurf Pro tabs switch easily and quickly, which lets surfers transfer from side to side without having to do much guessing. For wakeboarding, drain some of the ballast to help keep the wakes cleaner and more symmetrical. You’ll still be greeted by pro-level wakes with smooth transitions and tons of pop.

One standout feature of the Fi25 we tested is the DropZone tower, built by Roswell. Thanks to innovative design tweaks, it is now both lighter and stronger, and with the push of a button it easily folds down. Outfitted with powerful speakers, a large Bimini for sun protection and side tow points for wakesurfing, plus convenient touches like LED lighting and hooks for towels, ropes, vests or anything else, the DropZone tower is a must-have.

2019 Centurion Fi25
The DropZone tower, built by Roswell, is now both lighter and stronger.Garrett Cortese

At the helm most of the boat’s functions are controlled via a large, easy-to-navigate touchscreen system, while paddle shifters at the steering wheel adjust speed and the boat’s Stinger Wake Plate, which can customize the shape and characteristics of the wakes and waves.

Stowage abounds in the Fi25 thanks to the sub-floor ballast tanks and deep seating. A rear locker accessible from the swim step is designed to fit a large wakesurf board as well. The rear seat is convertible in multiple ways. Sliding it forward into the cabin and inserting the backrests creates a rear-facing bench. Or mount the optional table to it and you have an area where everybody can eat and drink. Of course with a 25-foot boat, you have room for your whole family (and a couple friends). And thanks to that unique hull, the ride is smooth and comfortable.

2019 Centurion Fi25
Bow seating provides a smooth and comfortable ride.Garrett Cortese
2019 Centurion Fi25
Slide the rear seat forward into the cabin and insert backrests to create a rear-facing bench.Garrett Cortese

High Points

  • Ramfill system fills the sub-floor ballast quickly (around 90 seconds).
  • QuickLaunch utilizes the trim tabs to help the big boat get on plane with ease (and minimal bow rise).
  • Floor locker between driver and OB seats is large enough for a cooler, or use it as a cooler itself.

Price: $180,805 (as tested)

2019 Centurion Fi25
Centurion Fi25 Certified Test ResultsWBM

How We Tested
Engine: GM Marine HO 6.0L 450 hp
Drive/Prop: V-drive/16" x 15" 4-blade
Gear Ratio: 1.72:1
Fuel Load: 89 gal.
Crew Weight: 320 lb.

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