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The 2018 Wakeboarding Reader's Poll

The Reader's Poll is a long-running tradition here at WAKEBOARDING, and for 2018 it's back. It's also bigger and better than ever. For the first time we're letting you vote on your favorite wakeboard company teams and boat brands. So let's cut to the chase and start casting some ballots!

Note: you are ranking your favorites 1 through ___. For example, in Pro Men's Wakeboarder, selecting 1 for a rider would be your top choice. Selecting 10 would be your #10 choice.

Voting ends Aug. 20, so get going now! Winners will be announced at Wake Awards!

Pro Mens Wakeboarder

Who were your favorite pro riders over the past year? Whether you like contest wins or irreverent social media posts, it's up to you let your voice be heard. Rank your 10 favorite pro men below and cast your vote now!

Aaron Gunn
Aidan Gunningham
Alex Aulbach
Alex Graydon
Andrew Adams
Austin Pratt
Blake Bishop
Bob Sichel
Bob Soven
Brenton Priestley
Busty Dunn
Chad Sharpe
Chris Abadie
Cody Hesse
Cobe France
Conrad McIntosh
Cory Teunissen
Damien Adam
Daniel Grant
Daniel Miles
Danny Harf
Dary Znebel
David O'Caoimh
Davis Griffin
Dean Smith
Derek Cook
Dominik Guhrs
Dom Hernler
Dylan Miller
Elliot Digney
Felix Georgii
Gordon Harrison
Graeme Burress
Guenther Oka
Gunner Daft
Harley Clifford
JB O'Neill
Jake Pelot
James Windsor
JD Webb
Jeff McKee
Jeff Langley
Jimmy LaRiche
Joe Battleday
John Dreiling
Josh Palma
Josh Twelker
Kaesen Suyderhoud
Kevin Henshaw
Liam Peacock
Luca Kidd
Massi Piffaretti
Max van Helvoort
Mike Dowdy
Mitch Langfield
Mizuki Takahashi
Nick Davies
Nic Rapa
Nico Von Lerchenfeld
Nicolas Leduc
Noah Flegel
Oli Breumlund
Oli Derome
Parks Bonifay
Parker Siegele
Quinn Silvernale
Raph Derome
Rusty Malinoski
Scott Byerly
Scott Stewart
Shane Bonifay
Shaun Murray
Shawn Watson
Shota Tezuka
Steel Lafferty
Tanar Pigrenet
Tom Fooshee
Tony Carroll
Tony Iaconni
Trever Maur
Tyler Higham
Wes Jacobsen
William Klang
Pro Womens Wakeboarder

The ladies killed it this year and continued to take their riding to new levels. Now it's time to vote for your favorites, so choose five below and cast your vote!

Alexa Score
Amber Wing
Ange Schriber
Anna Nikstad
Ashley Leugner
Bec Gange
Carros Djupso
Chloe Mills
Courtney Angus
Dallas Friday
Erika Lang
Giorgia Gregorio
Jamie Lopina
Julia Rick
Larissa Morales
Meagan Ethell
Nicola Butler
Raimi Merritt Rutledge
Tarah Mikacich
Taylor McCullough
Zahra Kell
Pro Wakeskater

The wakeskaters have continued to blow our minds over the past year. Who were your three favorites out there? Cast your vote below!

Andrew Pastura
Andrew Fortenberry
Austin Polterock
Ben Horan
Brandon Thomas
Brian Grubb
Coco Mendez
Cole Kraiss
Collin Gee
Daniel Grant
Danny Hampson
Dieter Humpsch
George Daniels
Jake Ramsdell
Josh Zentmeyer
Matt Manzari
Matti Buys
Nick Taylor
Reed Hansen
Scott Byerly
TJ Giesey
Travis Belsito
Travis Doran
Ty Morlang
Yan Lecomte
Wake Board Company Team

There have been some legendary "wake teams" over the years, and these days every company has a pretty stacked deck. Which of the board brands has your favorite team of riders? Choose three below and let the Battle of the Wake Teams begin!

Liquid Force
Wake Boat Brand

The boats we all get to ride behind just get better and better. There are more styles with more options to choose from than ever before, and some of us are very loyal to particular brands. So which boat brand is your favorite. It's a boat battle - rank your favorite three below!



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