2018 Wake Open Highlight Videos

Check out all the action from this incredible location in Mexico

Did you miss the action from the 2018 Nautique Wake Open at the Mayan Water Complex in Cancun, Mexico? No fear, we've got a look back at the craziness that went down right here. Simply put, with the legendary Nautique G23 pulling the riders, the riding was off the charts. Here is a quick recap of some of the biggest and best hammers of the weekend. It's pretty crazy to see where professional contest riding has gotten to.

For the men, the final featured familiar faces, but Cory Teunissen took it to the next level to take the win. His finals run included two double inverts (mute double half cab roll and toeside indy double back roll) and what has to be one of the cleanest 1080's ever landed in a contest run. Nic Rapa snagged third place, while Mike Dowdy took home second. Watch Cory's winning run below.

On the women's side, newcomer Zahra Kell more than held her own against the veterans Meagan Ethell and Nicola Butler to claim the top spot on the podium. She impressed with her fluid riding, big air, and technical tricks like a dumb-dumb and tantrum to fakie. You can watch her winning run here.

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