The 2018 Wake Awards are Coming!

Join us for the biggest night in wake!

  • Join us Thursday, September 6 for the biggest night in wake sports.WBM
  • Today is August 1, which means next month Surf Expo and Wake Awards will be upon us. The biggest night in our sports is back, and given what's gone down already this year, we're sure it's going to be a heck of a night. Mark your calendars now and make sure you're at the Orange County Convention Center on Thursday, Sept. 6 to join in on the fun, craziness, and celebrations.

  • Last year was one of the best Wake Awards ever, and featured a variety of winners that truly represented what the show and our sports are all about. For a full look back, check out last year's article. Here's a quick recap:

  • Best Web Video
    Natural Playground

  • Ben Leclair made a surprise visit after his injury, and brought down the house when Natural Playground won Best Web VideoBill Doster
  • Best Video Short/Series
    The Coalition

  • Photographer of the Year
    Rodrigo Donoso

  • Check Out Award presented by Rockford Fosgate
    Tyler Higham

  • Tyler Higham won the Check Out Award presented by Rockford FosgateBill Doster
    Robby Maschhaupt

  • The Golden Mic Award
    DanO the ManO - Danny Amir

  • Best Wakeskater
    Reed Hansen

  • Best Park & Rail Rider
    Daniel Grant

  • Daniel Grant won the Best Park & Rail Rider awardBill Doster
  • Best Boat Rider
    Harley Clifford

  • Best Female Rider
    Meagan Ethell

  • Meagan Ethell won the Best Female Rider awardBill Doster
  • Full Scope Award
    Guenther Oka

  • Guenther Oka won the Full Scope AwardBill Doster
  • Wakeskate Trick of the Year
    Travis Doran

  • Women's Trick of the Year
    Anna Nikstad

  • Men's Trick of the Year
    Steel Lafferty

  • The Trick of the Year Awards have always closed out the show, and the anticipation in the room is palpable. At this point rumors have been swirling about what riders were trying and who might have landed something new and crazy. There are always surprises. Always. 2017 was no different. Here's a full look from inside the show as the last award of the night was presented.

  • For more info on Surf Expo, head to the official website.