2018 Supreme S238

Wakeboarding Review
The S238 is Supreme's biggest boat and it has a surprisingly fun, versatile wake. The wake starts off on the smaller side, but with the ballast set up and the trim tab set, it really kicks up. The wake is on the steeper side, which gives it plenty of pop, but it's not so steep that it feels like you're hitting a wall. The wake is also on the narrower side, which allows for the option of riding at slower speeds. Riding slower makes the wake bigger and a bit wider – and that combination is great for beginners or any rider looking to learn new tricks. The lip at the top has a consistent pop that is also a great tool for beginners or advanced riders. Simply put the S238 can do a lot for a lot of different wakeboarders.

Wakesurfing Review
The Supreme S238 has a fun, sizeable wakesurf wave that grows substantially as you add ballast and the QuickSurf system. We surfed the S238 at 11.1 MPH with all ballast full and the trim plate at 0. This provided a wave with plenty of power and push. The pocket isn't hard to find at all on the S238, which is great for beginners learning to wakesurf or advanced riders trying complex tricks. We had a lot of fun carving the S238's wave and being able to go backward and forward on it with ease.

2018 Supreme S238WBM

The Supreme S238 is an all-around wake machine. Here are three of our favorite things.

Smooth Ride w/ Deep-V Hull
Supreme's signature Deep-V hull doesn't just provide the S238 with a platform for fun wakes and waves, it also gives the boat an impressively smooth ride. Often times in the quest for perfect wakes or the most bells and whistles, the actual ride of a wake boat can go overlooked. For most consumers though, it should be an important consideration. Many of us use boats on open, public waterways that can become choppy when there is a lot of traffic, bad weather, or both. The Deep V hull of the S238 can ride that chop out in comfort, so you're not breaking your back getting back to the dock.

At 23'8" the Supreme S238 has enough space for up to 16, with the storage to accommodate all their gear. This day and age when everybody has a board and possibly a wakesurfer, that's a huge plus. The S238's space means you're not going to feel cramped and surrounded by bags, boards, ice chests, or the awkwardness of legs and feet.

The helm of the S238 is designed with the driver in mind. First off, the seat is comfortable and functional, with the included bolster pad. The throttle is easy to reach and operate, along with the entire dashboard setup. There is also a cupholder conveniently placed below the throttle – a creature comfort that can't be understated, especially if you're in the driver's seat driving your friends for a while. An added bonus is the swivel action of the captain's seat for when you're relaxing with everybody else onboard.

2018 Supreme S238WBM