2018 Supreme S224

Wakeboarding Review
The Supreme S224 is a boat you can wakeboard, wakesurf, and even ski behind with just a few button pushes, all while fitting a bunch of your family and friends on board for the fun. Being a smaller boat with a narrower beam, the wake is smaller, but has a great shape and pop. The S224 is perfect for new to intermediate level riders who don't need the pro-level wakes of some of the bigger boats.

Wakesurfing Review
The Supreme S224 equipped with QuickSurf can help you go from wakeboarding, to water skiing, to wakesurfing in a matter of minutes. You will want some extra friends onboard to help kick the wave up (plus, more friends means more fun, right?) Once you get your wave dialed in you can tweak it using the center Stinger Wake Plate. The wave is great for new to intermediate riders to learn on and experience the awesomeness that is surfing an endless wave behind a boat.

Waterskiing Review
At first glance the new S224 might seem too big to be a water ski boat, but looks can be deceiving. Built off the successful S220, the S224 takes the same hull and design cues and just adds more room for friends and family. The S224 has a ton of punch and getting up was a breeze. Tracking is improved, and the wake is surprisingly small, too. Overall it is great boat for recreational to semi-serious skiers who like to do a bit of everything.

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2018 Supreme S224WBM

The Supreme S224 is a slick boat with a lot of surprises. Here are three of our favorite things.

Today's wake boats are asked to do more than ever, in some cases even pull a skier for a slalom session. Thanks to the design of the all new Supreme S224 that is all possible. In a matter of minutes you can go from throwing up walls of water at 34 MPH on a ski, to wakeboarding a sizeable, rampy wake, to surfing a fun wave. While you won't get the slalom performance of a true ski boat or the giant wake of some of its bigger brothers, what you will get with the S224 is versatility. This means more people can have more fun when out on the water, and that is never a bad thing.

When you've got a boat that can pull a skier, wakeboarder, wakesurfer, or whatever else, it's nice to have a dash that's easy to use. With Supreme's SeeTouch Dash the driver can easily access a variety of functions, even while driving. From switching the QuickSurf from one side to another, to changing the ballast configuration or Stinger Wake Plate, or adjusting the speed, the SeeTouch Dash makes it possible.

While the beam of the Supreme S224 isn't as big as some of its siblings, the designers have still made it a comfortable boat to ride in. The bow is no exception, as it has plenty of room for passengers who are along for the ride or just chilling and soaking up some sun. With the added cupholders and speakers, along with the padded gunwale rails for stepping in and out, the S224 bow is equipped for anything you can throw at it.

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2018 Supreme S224WBM