2018 Supreme S21

Wakeboarding Review
The S21 from Supreme has a moderate shaped wake that is playful and fun – suitable for a number of riding styles and abilities. The wake has a nice moderate shape and transition, which is great for beginner to intermediate riders because it doesn't give you any abrupt surprises. More advanced riders won't be disappointed either as the wake also has a really nice punch at the top for getting air, and it stays clean the whole time you're edging in and up it. While the S21 wake doesn't have the size of some of its bigger brothers, it has more than enough for most riders, and most importantly it has a solid, fun shape.

Wakesurfing Review
The wave on the Supreme S21 is really fun. What we really like about the S21 wave is that the pocket is a little further away from the transom than some boats. This is great for new or beginner riders who struggle controlling their speed and become afraid of running into the back of the boat. It's also great for more advanced riders as it gives you more room to pump for speed and do different tricks. Being a little flatter right behind the boat, it's also great for learning tricks like surface 360's. Overall it's a fun wave with a lot of potential for a variety of riding abilities.

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2018 Supreme S21WBM

At just under 21-feet the Supreme S21 is a boat with lots of fun. Here are our three favorite things.

QuickFill is Supreme's solution to the pesky, time-consuming routine of filling ballast bags. The whole system fills in under two minutes and drains just as fast. That's convenient, and when the glassy lake is calling you don't want to be stuck dealing with hoses and pumps. Combined with the hull of the S21, QuickFill instantly kicks up a solid wake and wave for everybody to shred.

SeeTouch Dash System
New for 2018 is the SeeTouch Dash, which won't confuse you with a bunch of menus or options. It's a simple touch screen that makes navigating the boats various systems a breeze. From it you can control ballast, QuickSurf, the Stinger Wake Plate, speed control, and more.

A lot of "price point" boats cut corners on areas like interior materials and stitching, but not the Supreme S21. Not only does it look good, but it's also durable and comfortable. Let's be honest, there is a lot of climbing in and out of today's big wake boats, and that means even more wear and tear on upholstery. What your boat's interior is made of and how it's constructed matters, and the Spradling Matte Vinyl used in the S21 is up to the demands.

2018 Supreme S21WBM