2018 Malibu M235

Wakeboarding Review
We rode behind the Malibu M235 at 22.8 MPH with a rope length of 75 feet. Stock and plug-and-play ballast were full and the Power Wedge was set at a variety of positions. There were only three people in the boat but the wake was still massive. The M235 somehow creates a wake that is the perfect combination of steep and rampy. It has a long transition with a ton of pop. With the Wedge at 1-2 the lip is much smaller. Bump it to 3-4 and the wake will get more lip. More than anything, riding the M235 is effortless. It requires a minimal cut to go big, which makes it the perfect wake to do the tricks where you want to keep your line tension, but with a boosty pop.

Wakesurfing Review
We surfed at 11.3 MPH with the Power Wedge at 1 and the wave is an absolute giant. The wave is forgiving, because if you mess up you have a lot of space and time to recover. Big bottom turns are much easier on a wave this big and powerful, which is a really fun element to add to your wakesurfing. The Power Wedge allows you to customize the length and lip of the wave. Keep it at a lower setting and the wave will lengthen out. Drop the Wedge down more and you get a taller wave with more lip. We can confidently say this is the best wave we've ever wakesurfed.

2018 Malibu M235WBM

The M235 is Malibu's flagship boat, and you can tell from just looking at it. It is bold and aggressive, while also loaded with luxury and all the bells and whistles you could want. Here are three features that stood out to us when we tested the M235.

Giant wakes & waves
Malibu designed the M235 from the bottom up to make giant wakes and waves and they hit the nail on the head. Out of the box the stock wake and wave are incredible and approach pro level. Throw in some friends a little extra weight and you're riding what the pros do. Simply put, the wakes and wave are top class, just be prepared to have everybody asking you for a pull.

Seating & comfort
A deeper boat like the M235 allows for deeper seating, which means more comfort for the passengers. The M235 also has ergonomics on lock with a deep bucket captain's seat, bench seats that lean back at a perfect angle, and a spacious bow. Throw in a kicking sound system, LED lighting, high-density foam flooring, a drop-in Yeti cooler and a convertible bench seat at the back and you've got the total package.

Command Center
Malibu's unrivaled touchscreen dash setup: Command Center looks like you're entering the world of Tron, but it is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate. The HD screens are bright, clear, and easy to read, even in midday sun. The analog control dial allows you to easily adjust speed, Power Wedge, Surf Gate, and audio volume without taking your eyes off the water. Plus, the smartphone cradle is a must if you're pumping your playlists out via Bluetooth.

2018 Malibu M235WBM