2018 Malibu 24 MXZ

Wakeboarding Review
This Malibu wake is large and in charge. We're a big fan of this wake because it provides a long transition with that sturdy wall of water that jacks you up and gently brings you back down. Edging into this wake is effortless. We would cut out, set our edge, and just let the boat pull us into the wake and blast us into the air. The most outstanding aspect of that to us is the minimal line tension. We didn't have to edge super hard and create a lot of tension to get the pop this beast provides, which makes technical maneuvers easier and effortless.

Wakesurfing Review
Like the other big boats in the Malibu line, the wakesurf wave on the 24 MXZ is incredible with just factory settings and Surf Gate. Surfing at 11 MPH with the Wedge at 1, the volume of the wave is almost unbelievable. The 24 MXZ wave packs a lot of power into a wave that has moderate transition and can be customized significantly thanks to the Power Wedge. Using the Wedge at 1 or 2 keeps the wave a little longer, while dropping the Wedge to 3 or 4 makes it shorter and steeper.

2018 Malibu 24 MXZWBM

One of Malibu's signature high-performance boats, the pickle-fork 24 MXZ is a big boat that packs a big punch, whether you're riding or just hanging out. Here are three of our favorite things about it.

Big wakes & waves
At 24 and a half feet with seating for 18, the 24 MXZ creates some serious displacement, which means big wakes and waves. But just having a wall of water doesn't mean anything unless it's well shaped, and this Wakesetter has the classic Malibu shape and consistency with a little more kick. The best part? These massive wakes almost never roll over.

Bow Thruster
We were surprised to see a bow thruster on a Malibu, and trust us, it isn't a gimmick. Inboard boats are getting bigger and bigger and the 24 MXZ's new bow thruster makes it much easier to drive, especially in tight spaces or when loading it onto the trailer or pulling into a packed dock.

Giant bow
The MXZ line is all about massive, wide bows and the 24 is the biggest of them all. Speakers, LEDs, grab handles, a reboarding ladder, armrests, cup holders -- the works. This is a completely separate social zone that doesn't exist in many boats, you and everbody else who fits up there are going to love it.

2018 Malibu 24 MXZWBM