2018 Malibu 22 VLX

Wakeboarding Review
This is a fun, versatile wake that will suit a variety of riders, especially because of how customizable it is. It's a very comfortable wake that is great for progressing your riding. With a moderate transition it is not intimidating or hard to get used to. The wake stays consistent, whether you're taking a mellow cut or edging in really hard. You can feel confident edging in and knowing it's not going to crumble on you. The Malibu 22 VLX is good for beginner all the way to advanced riders because of how big it can get with ballast and the Wedge, along with how much the Wedge can customize the shape. Overall the 22 VLX is a solid wake that most riders will have a lot of fun with while out on the water.

Wakesurfing Review
You might not think of the 22 VLX as a wakesurf machine when compared to some of Malibu's bigger boats, but thanks to Surf Gate and the Power Wedge, the wave is more than impressive. We were surprised with how long the wave was, while still keeping height and a powerful push. The sweet spot is really big and the wave is friendly to ride, which makes it great for beginners to advanced riders. The easy adjustments from Surf Gate and Power Wedge make the 22 VLX wave versatile and fun.

2018 Malibu 22 VLXWBM

The Malibu 22 VLX is built in the tradition of the classic Malibu Wakesetter line. It is a versatile, fun boat that can do a lot to enhance your time on the water. Here are three things that really stood out to us on the 22 VLX.

G3.5 Tower
The next iteration of the famous G3 tower is the best yet. A quick and simple locking function with a weightless pulley system makes the G3.5 mercifully easy to lower, even when fully loaded. Stout tubing with thick welds and integrated wiring make the G3.5 seamlessly integrate with the 22 VLX's look and feel.

Surf Band remote
This is the best thing to happen to surfing since Surf Gate because it allows you to use Surf Gate in so many different ways. If you haven't nailed transfers yet this will help you get there because you control when it will switch. Along with that, dial in your wake steepness, size, the boat's speed, and even the stereo's volume, all without ever having to yell at the driver. As we like to say, the Surf Band can be a marriage saver.

Power Wedge
The Power Wedge isn't the newest feature on a Malibu, but it's one of the most important on every boat. Customize the 22 VLX's wake to be bigger, smaller, longer or steeper to get exactly what you want. Power Wedge adds a lot of extra mass as well, and the really cool thing is whether you're wakeboarding or surfing you can control the Power Wedge with the Surf Band.

2018 Malibu 22 VLXWBM