2018 Malibu 22 MXZ

Wakeboarding Review
The Malibu 22 MXZ wake is very similar to the 24 MXZ, just a touch smaller. With the ballast full and the Wedge at 1 the wake is large with a nice lip at the top. It gives that vertical pop that feels really good in the air, but it also has a nice transition for landing, meaning a variety of riders would be comfortable pushing their riding to new levels with this boat. With the size and consistency of the wake, the 22 MXZ is one of those boats that both a beginner and a pro would be stoked to ride behind.

Wakesurfing Review
For a 22-foot boat, the factory preset wave of the 22 MXZ is unbelievable. At the flip of the switch you can go from wakeboarding a great wake to surfing a large, powerful wave. We surfed at 11 MPH and could customize the wave with the Power Wedge, either increasing the vert or lengthening it out, making this one of the more versatile waves on the market. With the Wedge at 2 the pocket is large and powerful - and a ton of fun. Like the wakeboard wake, the wakesurf wave on the 22 MXZ would make any rider, beginner to pro, happy.

2018 Malibu 22 MXZWBM

The 22 MXZ is Malibu's pickle fork style boat that brings high performance into a 22-foot package. Here are three things about the 22 MXZ that stood out to us.

Rev 10 speakers
The Rev 10 speakers paired with the right amp will blow you out of the water. It's a full, dynamic and accurate sound that gets really powerful. They're Wet Sounds biggest tower speaker and the ten in Rev10 stands for a 10-inch driver. The whole thing is wrapped in a custom Malibu housing that matches the boat and looks amazing.

Walk-thru sunpad
This thing's a real interior saver. You invest in a boat and you want it to last, and the walk through helps. Going from the cockpit to the swim platform happens a lot, and that path looks worn much faster than the rest of the interior unless you have a walk through. There's also a filler cushion for those times you want the extra lounge space.

The big bow & ladder
One of the hallmarks of the MXZ line has always been the oversized bow, and if you haven't been in the 22 MXZ you won't believe the size. It's a totally separate social zone and adds a lot to the passenger experience compared to a traditional bow. Because the big bow is such a highlight, Malibu put a reboarding ladder at the front for easy access when getting out of the water.

2018 Malibu 22 MXZWBM