2018 Centurion Ri257

Wakeboarding Review
This Centurion is huge. What surprised us most was how little weight we needed to get a good wake. In fact, we overweighted it at first by using Ramfill. For the test we rode with Ramfill at 0. Yes, 0. The plug-and-play ballast in the rear was at 90 and the bow was at 0. That didn't seem like it would work, but it does, and the wake is killer. Like the Ri237 with the Opti-V hull, the 257 has a solid, consistent shape, it's big, and the landings were nice and soft. If you and a ton of your friends are looking to go in on a boat together, the Ri257 can definitely fit you all while serving up awesome wakes.

Wakesurfing Review
Like the boat itself, the wave on the Ri257 is big. Really big. When you've got that much boat pushing through the water you know you're going to have a sizeable wave, but when you add in the new Opti-V hull and Centurion's QuickSurf system, you have one of the baddest waves to surf on the market. We surfed the Ri257 at 11.6 MPH with the Ramfill at 100, the plug-and-play at 90, and the bow at 50. The wave is pro level and then some. It is clean with a moderate shape and it has a lot of push. Picking up speed on the Ri257 is no problem, and the size of the pocket makes the ride that much more fun.

2018 Centurion Ri257WBM

The big boy in the Centurion line, the Ri257 makes a statement all its own. Here are three of our favorite things.

At nearly 26 feet the Ri257 is, well, huge. With that much space there is tons of room for all your friends, family, and their gear (and then some). This makes the Ri257 extremely comfortable. From the extra legroom, to the adjustable bench that can slide all the way to the base of the spotter's seat, the Ri257 is all about kicking back and enjoying the water. Whether you want to do it with a boat full of friends or just your significant other is entirely up to you.

The Wave
Do you know what you get when you combine a 6,000-plus pound boat with 5,500 pounds of onboard ballast? A giant wave. A boat that displaces as much water as the Ri257 is going to put up a huge wave regardless, but in order to make it surfable it needs to be tweaked. Thanks the new Opti-V hull on the Ri257, combined with the QuickSurf system, the wave is epic. It has a pocket the size of a living room and power to make learning the basics to the hardest of tricks a breeze.

Getting a 26-foot boat on plane can come with a lot of bow rise, which can make towing a wakesurfer or wakeboarder challenging, and even dangerous on a busy body of water. Thanks to QuickLaunch, that problem is eliminated. By utilizing the tabs on the back of the boat, QuickLaunch helps the Ri257 get on plane with so little bow rise it almost seems unbelievable. Once the boat is on plane, the plates reposition themselves to the settings input for the rider, whether that is QuickSurf right or left, or something else entirely.

2018 Centurion Ri257WBM