2018 Centurion Ri237

Wakeboarding Review
The Ri237 is Centurion's premium wakeboard boat, and thanks to the new Opti-V hull, the wakes are better than ever while also making the boat even more user and rider friendly. With Ramfill full, the plug-and-play sacks on the side at 85 and the bow at 15, the wake was more than adequate for any advanced rider, while it can also be customized for even the newest of riders. The wake can make riding seem effortless, with tons of pop and a transition perfect for soft landings. By utilizing CATS we were able to adjust the wake as needed, rather than move weight around. The Ri237 is great for a variety of riding levels, and can provide professional wakes with just the push of a couple buttons.

Wakesurfing Review
With the new Opti-V hull and some design tweaks, the Ri237 wave is better than ever. Throw in Centurion's QuickSurf system and you've got one of the best waves in the business – this is the setup of choice for the Wakesurfing World Championships. Simply put, the wave of the Ri237 is big, easy to ride, and can be customized with the center tab to be mellow and longer, or shorter and peakier. Whatever style board you prefer to ride, the Ri237 can easily accommodate it and your style.

2018 Centurion Ri237WBM

The Ri237 is Centurion's flagship wakeboard and wakesurf boat and it doesn't disappoint. Here are three features we really liked when we tested it.

Touch Vision Dash
The Touch Vision Dash is Centurion's dual-screen setup that seamlessly brings almost all of the boat's functions to your fingertips in a way that is both easy to read and navigate. On the home screen, the MPH, RPM and other main functions take prominent display. With analog buttons on the side of each screen, other functions can be accessed quickly. Ballast, QuickSurf, CATS, and more are all easily controlled with the Touch Vision Dash.

Surfing the Ri237's epic wave is now easier than ever thanks to the integrated QuickSurf system. By utilizing tabs on the port and starboard sides of the boat, QuickSurf can quickly turn your wake into a massive, fun wave, while also being customizable and providing the ability to transfer from side to side with the push of a button.

Tower & Bimini
The Maximus tower from Roswell, exclusively designed for Centurion, not only flows perfectly with the updated lines of the 2018 Ri237, but it is also easy enough for a person to fold down and put up on their own. Ease-of-use is huge when it comes to towers and bimini top, and Centurion hit the nail on the head with their package. The bimini integrates seamlessly with the tower and requires just two locking pins to lock it into the place. Situated at the top of the tower it provides plenty of headroom and a ton of shade for passengers in the boat.

2018 Centurion Ri237WBM