2018 Centurion Ri217

Wakeboarding Review
The Ri217 is the little brother in the Ri line, but is different in that it utilizes Centurion's signature Deep V Hull. With the Ri217 you can really utilize CATS to individually tweak each side of the wake, which is great for helping riders of any level learn new tricks. The wake has a mellow transition with enough kick at the top to help any rider get bigger air.

Wakesurfing Review
The Ri217 surf wave is built on the success of Centurion's Deep V hull. Add in the QuickSurf system and you have an all-around fun wakesurf wave. Much like with the wakeboard wake, CATS can be used to really tweak each wave. It's fun to try different settings and see what you can get. When the wave is dialed it has a fun, playful shape with enough push for most riders. The best thing about the Ri217 is all that you can get out of a relatively smaller wake boat.

2018 Centurion Ri217WBM

This boat is the smaller Centurion that's big on fun. Here are three of our favorite things.

Transom setup
Form and function come together seamlessly in Centurion's new transom on the Ri217. The setup makes access into and out of the boat a breeze, while it also offers unique storage access, cupholders, and a comfy place to sit when you're just hanging out enjoying the water.

New windshield
In today's wake boats the windshield might often be an afterthought, but it shouldn't. To be honest, windshield design can make or break a boat's overall look and feel. Do it right, and the boat has appealing, cohesive lines. Do it wrong, though, and the boat just don't work. Thankfully Centurion has done it more than right with their newest windshield design. Combined with the flowing lines of the Ri217, it looks sharp, but more than that it provides the driver with great sightlines.

Downfire speakers
Music and boats go together like Homer Simpson and donuts, you just don't really get one without the other. We know you blast your music when you're out on the water because we do too (everybody does it). Centurion's signature Downfire speaker system ensures that not only will your tunes sound great, but they fill the cabin of the boat unlike any other system on the market. On top of that you can customize the volume levels for around the cabin, as well as the speakers pointing toward the water. Boating audiophiles, rejoice.

2018 Centurion Ri217WBM