2018 Centurion Fi23

Wakeboarding Review
All new for 2018, the Centurion Fi23 delivers pro-level wakes that a variety of riders will enjoy. With the Ramfill system full and the rear Plug-and-Play bags at 90, along with the all-new transom bag at 50, the wakes were big and clean with a lot of pop. Keeping the weight out of the nose actually helped the wake stack up and stay clean. By tweaking the center plate the wake shape can be easily modified to steeper or mellower, making it one of the more versatile wakes on the market. Closer to 0, the wake will get steeper; closer to 100 it is more mellow. The Fi23 wake had plenty of pop and a great transition for easy takeoffs and landings. This wake is on par with some of the best boats in the game.

Wakesurfing Review
The word that best describes the Fi23 wakesurf wave is effortless. The boat made a huge, powerful wave that was basically a giant playground on the water for surfing. The wave really was effortless to ride, even as you got farther back. In fact, it almost got more fun. With most wakesurf waves, the further back you get the more you have to pump to stay in the pocket, but the Fi23 has such a big pocket with consistent push throughout that you can go back and forth with ease, which means learning new tricks or hacking big turns are no problem at all. Overall this is one of the easiest and most fun waves on the market.

2018 Centurion Fi23WBM

The all new Centurion Fi23 is a pro-level performer. Here were three of our favorite things when we tested it.

New Design
The Fi23 is a completely new animal for Centurion designed to deliver a killer all-around experience, including pro-level wakes and waves, in a bit of a more affordable boat. The first thing you'll notice about the Fi23 are its bold lines. This boat looks awesome, and while that shouldn't be the deciding factor of buying a boat, it's definitely important. Other key components to the Fi23 include the extra wide bow, comfortable layout, and an all new Split HD Touch Screen dash.

Wake & Waves
Thanks to the help of the new Opti-V hull, the Fi23 delivers some of the best wakes and waves in the Centurion line. With just stock ballast and the use of the center tab, the wake has solid shape and size. The moderate shape is great for edging in and mellow landings, while the size provides all the pop you need for big air. Turn on the QuickSurf system and you have a world class wave with a ton of push that can accommodate first time surfers to world champs. Add some extra weight and friends and you'll have pro-level wakes and waves that are some of the best in the game.

Bow & Storage
The wide bow of the Fi23 offers the comfort you'd expect, with some extra amenities that make it stand out. The backrests lift up to give access to the storage areas behind them, which might seem like a small convenience, but it's one that can go a long way. Add in the requisite cup holders and a couple kickin' speakers and you've got a bow you can't go wrong with.

2018 Centurion Fi23WBM