2018 Centurion Fi21

Wakeboarding Review
Like the Fi23, the Centurion Fi21 is all new for 2018, and despite being the little brother of the duo it still packs a punch with the new Opti-V hull. What you actually have to be careful of with the Fi21 is overweighting it because that can make the wake worse rather than better. Our test boat was not equipped with Ramfill, but did have plug-and-play ballast. We filled the rear to 100 and the bow to 20. In order to prevent porpoising you will need more weight in the bow. Once the wake shapes up it is just like the Fi23, with a little less girth, which is to be expected. Most importantly the wake has solid size, pop, and great transition. It is a wake that any rider will be comfortable riding.

Wakesurfing Review
Normally for wakesurfing you'd think you would want as much weight as possible, but not with this new boat. With too much weight the wave on the Fi21 won't shape up, but once it's dialed in it is incredible. The wave has a ton of push, which is something you might not expect out of a 21-foot boat, but it is there in spades with the Fi21 with QuickSurf. This made riding really comfortable and fun, no matter what style board. Once you get the Fi21 dialed, you're not going to be disappointed with the wave.

2018 Centurion Fi21WBM

An all new boat from Centurion, the Fi21 is small but packs a punch. Here are a few of our favorite things about it.

Opti-V hull
While the Fi21 might be the smaller brother to the all-new Fi23, it still lives up to the bigger hype. This, by and large, is due to the excellent design of Centurion's new Opti-V hull. The hull creates a wake that not only has a great shape, but that is even, consistent, and highly customizable thanks to the option onboard systems available. This allows riders to quickly fill up ballast and be riding or surfing, rather than having to spend time tweaking settings or moving bodies around. When tested with plug-and-play ballast, the wakes and waves on the Fi21 were sizable and a lot of fun.

The all new Split HD Touch Vision dash in the Fi is easy to look at and even easier to use. Touchscreens can often times be intimidating or not intuitive, but that is not the case with this new dash from Centurion. The Split HD Touch Vision setup allows users to access and control the majority of the boat's systems. To have this setup included in a boat priced lower than its Ri siblings can't be understated.

Sound System
You can't have a good time out on the water without some good tunes. Well, you can, but we wouldn't want to try. Thankfully the sound package available on the all new Fi21 is incredible. From the onboard Roswell amps and speakers, to the custom-to-Centurion design of Downfire speakers, which can be individually controlled to change volumes for cabin-facing or rear-facing speakers, the sound system bumps and will keep you and your friends (and anybody else in earshot) entertained while you're on the boat.

2018 Centurion Fi21WBM