2018 Axis T23

Wakeboarding Review
The 23-foot Axis T23 has a solid wakeboard wake out of the box. With the Power Wedge at 4 and 5, it was deployed more than other boats we rode with Power Wedge, but at 5 the T23 really got a solid, big shape with a nice lip at the top. This allowed for a comfortably edge into the wake with confidence. With plenty of pop and a nice landing transition, the T23 is a versatile wake well suited for almost any rider. Because of how much you can use the Power Wedge to change the shape of the T23 wake, it can really be catered for everybody from beginners to advanced riders.

Wakesurfing Review
The Axis T23 is built on a solid platform that, when combined with Surf Gate and the Power Wedge, makes a high-end wakesurf wave. The wave was big, clean, and consistent, which ultimately made it a lot of fun. We had no problem staying in the pocket and carving big turns in the flats and up the face. If an easy-to-ride world class wave is something that appeals to you, the T23 will be right up your alley.

2018 Axis T23WBM

The 2018 Axis T23 takes classic, traditional boat looks and adds Axis' signature performance and flare. Here are three things we liked when we tested the T23.

Power wedge
The power wedge is a massively useful upgrade on the T23 because of how much it can help you and riders of any skill level customize the wake and waves to their preferences. Whether you want a wake with more lip at the top, or something smaller for learning on, or a wave with a lot of vert, or more length for riding far back; the Power Wedge can do all of that with the push of a button while at speed.

The T23's tower looks perfect with the lines of the boat. It has stout tubing, integrated wiring and a tough powder coated finish. It can also hang four swivel board racks and massive speakers. There's also a really simple and easy latching function for raising and lowering the tower.

Storage is paramount on a bigger boat like the T23 because everyone wants to come with you and they all have their own gear. Almost everything is accessible from separate compartments and each hatch is finished, which means it's not just bare fiberglass like some other value-friendly boats.

2018 Axis T23WBM