2018 Axis A24

Wakeboarding Review
The Axis A24 is the big boy of the lineup and it's been redesigned for 2018 in epic fashion. There isn't really any other way to describe it, but the wake on the A24 is huge, clean, and consistent. It's the type of wake that makes learning new tricks that much easier. With the Wedge at 3 the wake got a little more rampy with a little more lip at the top, which provided a lot of pop for big air and a nice transition for landing on the other side. The A24 has been known as one of the best all around wakes for years, and for 2018 it's only gotten better.

Wakesurfing Review
Redesigned for 2018, the Axis A24 provides the meatiest of waves in the Axis line. The length of the boat shapes up a long, powerful wave that is forgiving to riders of all levels, providing both ample time to recover on maneuvers and a size and shape that competes with pro level waves. There is plenty of power in the wave for all types of surfing. The Surf Gate makes wave transfers fun for riders, and is a convenient feature for switching between riders at the flip of a switch, while the Power Wedge allows you to customize the size, length and width.

2018 Axis A24WBM

The A24 is the biggest boat in the Axis line and it has been completely redesigned for 2018. As legendary as it has become over the years, it has only gotten better. Here are three standout features on the new A24.

New Design
The A24 was retooled for 2018 to make some functional changes that will make your Axis experience even better. New logo badges were added and the side contours were changed for a fresh look, marine grade foam was added to the top rails, and even the glove compartment got a sleek, stylized makeover.

Wakes & Waves
The A24 is the biggest boat in the Axis line and that means huge wakes. Load up the internal ballast and you can get a solid wake or wave with just a driver but throw a full compliment of passengers in and you've got a seriously big wake churner. The A24 has Malibu in its blood as well which means the wakes are symmetrical and they stay clean in almost any conditions.

Tower & Racks
The A24's tower has a strong, minimalist look that seamlessly integrates with the boat's profile. A powder coat finish on big tubing with multiple board racks and speakers make it not only functional but fun as well.

2018 Axis A24WBM