2018 Axis A22

Wakeboarding Review
The Axis A22 has always had consistent, poppy wakes, and the 2018 version is no different. Cutting into the wake you can see the consistency in the shape and be confident in what you're getting with each and every jump. This wake is perfect for the intermediate rider looking to advance their abilities. It has a nice long ramp that gives you an ample amount of pop to pull off any trick. It's super comfortable, and we love it.

Wakesurfing Review
Wakesurfing behind the A22 was a breath of fresh air. The simplicity of this wakesurf wave combined with the ingenuity that Axis provides, shaped up the perfect wakesurfing wave. The wave gives ample push and the length will keep every surfer on the boat happy. If you're looking for a reliable wave to develop all of your maneuvers, this wave is perfect for you.

2018 Axis A22WBM

The middle brother of the Axis A-series, the A22 is a boat well-rounded for on water performance and fun. Here are three things that stood out to us when we tested the 2018 A22.

The A22's tower does exactly what you need it to. It hangs board racks, speakers, a Bimini, it tows riders, it complements the boat and it has a really easy locking function. If this sounds simple you should go look at some other price-conscious towers and see if they check all these boxes. Many don't.

A mid-size boat that gets real use is only as good as its storage. You've got a lot of people out for the day with all their gear and many boats don't have enough room for all their gear. The uncluttered, communicating compartments along with the spacious gullwings provide more than adequate space when you throw in the board racks. With available swiveling ratchet board racks your life gets even easier and stowing boards becomes a habit instead of a chore.

You might not think of the floor of the boat as an important factor, but it is. One of the modern necessities on a wake boat is a high density foam floor. It cleans up easily, it never looks worn, and it doesn't heat up if you pick the right color. Definitely an essential.

2018 Axis A22WBM