2016 Tigé Z1 Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Tigé Z1WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

Coming in at just over 21 feet, the Tigé Z1 is a surf-centric traditional bow that focuses on style in a popular size class. If you're looking to surf or casually wakeboard and you love the look of a traditional bow with industry-leading styling, the Z1 might be for you.

The Z1 has always surfed well, but it was never this convenient. For 2016, Tigé introduced the TAPS 3 surf system, which allows for evenly weighted surfing, and utilizes the Surf Link remote to switch sides and adjust the wave while you’re riding. We love the classic look of a good traditional bow, and with new graphics for 2016, the Z1’s profile has some fresh life. Inside, the high-density foam decking is everywhere and is now standard. The rest of the boat has premium vinyl with diamond stitching and multiple textures that you can tailor to your preference. Tigé Touch2 rules the cockpit with a super-easy user interface that Tigé has been refining for years. It’s simple and effective, and it has all the necessities without getting overly techy. It has a new swipe feature that lets you go from screen to screen, and its driving gauges have analog redundancy. Tigé is also one of the only companies out there that didn’t raise its prices for the new model year.